Welcome at CM & Sugar, expert at Customizing, Managing and Setup of SugarCRM systems for your business. With SugarCRM software, your company will gain insights across marketing, sales and support so everyone is working toward common goals. Interested? Watch our demo site for more information about SugarCRM.


CM & Sugar possesses a network of developers and offers a close collaboration with your projects and local developer teams. Thus, we can combine processes, architectures, and technologies for web to transform raw data into meaningful and useful information. We are flexible at any point in time of your projects for assistance. The span reaches from project management, consulting over developing the whole corporate design of the entire CRM application! We guarantee a long experience and knowledge around SugarCRM. Feel free to contact.



Advantages provided by CM & Sugar solutions

  • Web based SugarCRM. One version for all your devices.
  • Intelligent Workflow Management (Business Intelligence, Business Process Re-engineering, Adaptive Business Processes)
  • Tested with most hosting providers.
  • Responsive Software Design and latest Web Technologies.
  • Coporate Design and Theming
  • Lightning fast.
  • No user limitation.
  • On-premise version.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Consulting & User Training (English, German, Spanish)