MSc. Roger Steinig

Founder of CM & Sugar in 2011 at Salzburg, Austria.


Inside the list of his previous professional experiences, he was a software developer for several years in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Germany. Part of his professional gathered knowledge is on “web 2 print” sections and business intelligence for IT applications around SugarCRM.

After working as a developer and freelancer, and during the Web 2.0 apogee, he understood the need of small and lightweighted business application for standards purposes focusing onto simple, affordable and individual solutions.


Nowadays, after his studies at University of Applied Sciences Salzburg, he concentrates on the new workflow management solutions for business processes, humangrids, collaboration and research in improvement and automatization of workflows for a fast changing market.


XING profile (German) of Roger Steinig: Roger Steinig

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